About New Salem


To honor God, encourage Christians & win the lost.



Desire to share the joy that comes with knowing Christ.



To sing and speak from the heart; sharing testimonies & songs which come from daily walking with the Lord.



Biblical, heartfelt & unique & uplifting songs emphasize the gospel.



Traditional songs, hymns, and original songs are used to paint a picture of Christ & reflect Godís love.



The music sets a simple backdrop so clarity of message is assured.



Piano, acoustic guitar, double bass, mandolin, chimes, shaker, ukulele, Irish whistle & saxophone.



Music by New Salem is played on radio, Internet and TV- nationally and internationally.

Formerly known as The Bradleys, this family group from Winston-Salem, NC has ministered through gospel music for more than 20 years.
It began with Arnold & Shirley Bradley singing as a duet in local venues. As the family grew, so did the group and the outreach.

They began their recording career with their daughter, Jennifer in 1989. When Jennifer married Bobby McCallister in 1991, he joined the family as well as the group.
In 2008, Arnold was diagnosed with a combination of debilitating diseases, Parkinsonís plus Alzheimerís. He continued limited touring with the group until 2009, when he retired from the music ministry.
The current members of New Salem are Shirley Bradley, Bobby & Jennifer McCallister, their son Kabe, and daughter Allison.


The family continued to sing, staying close to home to be near Arnold during his time of illness. 


Arnold Bradley moved on to heaven March 7, 2013, but the ministry of music he started and his testimony continues to touch hearts here on earth. 


The group makes a new start with a new name, not willing to make a "Bradley" recording without Arnold.  The word "salem" means peace. 


For this family group, the name, "New Salem" represents their home town of Winston-Salem, NC and the wonderful peace of Jesus which they have experienced during their most difficult times.


Current members of New Salem are Shirley Bradley, Bobby & Jennifer McCallister, their son Kabe, and daughter Allison.



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